MAPSEC | Audit
mise au point des systèmes énergétiques et climatiques
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Our customers, contracting partners, design offices and installers, regularly commission audits by our company, trusting in our experience and competence.

  • Audit

  • An audit is a professional control operation carried out by experienced and impartial system development engineers concluding with an assessment of the technical status of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Smoke Extraction installations.


    The audit is a continuous improvement tool since it enables current system status to be assessed in order to identify the defective or non-compliant points (following the audit specification procedures). This survey which is always formalised in the form of a written report, enables necessary actions to be carried out to rectify the defects and any malfunctions that may have been identified.

  • Optimisation

  • Energy optimisation is a major factor in decreasing our carbon footprint and also represents considerable operating cost savings.


    Our experience in regulating HVAC installations allows us to rapidly diagnose regulating anomalies and consequent excess consumption, and to react immediately to achieve effective optimisation.