MAPSEC | Commissioning
mise au point des systèmes énergétiques et climatiques
MAPSEC,mise au point, chauffage, Equilog,
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Commissioning is a quality control process guaranteeing that the systems are designed, installed, operationally tested and that they can be used and maintained under optimal conditions, in compliance with the operational requirements of the contracting user.

Commissioning is carried out at each phase of the project


System studies:

  • Analysis and observations of the project folder


Works phase:

  • Analysis and examination of the implementation plans and operating analyses
  • Examination of procedures and self-monitoring tests


Trial and testing phase:

  • Examination of trial procedures
  • Management and coordination of trials
  • Checking and assessment of results
  • Assistance with OPR, summary of operating reserves.


Training / delivery:

  • Management of contractual training
  • Summary of operational reserves
  • Assistance for the DOE unit