MAPSEC | Measuring air tightness of aeraulic networks
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Measuring air tightness of aeraulic networks

Air leaks in air supply systems will lead to significant energy losses.


Different building and construction labels call for measurements of air permeability of aeraulic systems. This requirement is increasingly featuring in CCTP specifications issued by design and conception offices.


The categories of air tightness required for network design are sometimes very demanding which is why our company undertakes to assist you from the conception stage through to final measuring.


The Mapsec company has been involved in measuring aeraulic network air tightness since 2007. Our technicians have undergone UBAT measuring qualification training courses allowing them to provide technical analysis throughout the mission.


We use the TSI PANDA 341 measuring units, apparatus with a technical performance that can carry out air supply network measuring operations on a large scale.

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