MAPSEC | System Set-Up
mise au point des systèmes énergétiques et climatiques
MAPSEC,mise au point, chauffage, Equilog,
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System Set-Up

(Air conditioning, Ventilation, Heating and Smoke Extraction)

« Setting up is aimed at preparing material or a device for it to be fully operational »

Our company is specialised in the setting up of HVAC installations. Our commitment to quality leads us to regularly train our system adjustors and to procure latest state of the art measuring instruments.


Our 11 years of experience and know-how enables us to work on the most demanding and complex buildings. Our organisation, along with the means at our disposal, allow us to intervene very quickly and flexibly throughout France, Europe and worldwide.


Before any intervention we draw up a preliminary case file including specifications, phase planning, technical documents, plans and schematic diagrams. During the intervention we provide our clients with regular testing up-date reports. At the end of the testing phase clients are sent a full report in digital and/or paper format (depending on the work volume).


  • Air flow balancing
    • Installation of air handling and ventilation units
    • Adjusting variable flow settings
    • Breakdown voltage points
    • Air flow balancing
    • Measuring air-vent flow rates
    • Regulating excess pressure
      (Clean rooms, operating theatres)
    • Supply and replacement of transmissions


    • Installation of fans
    • Testing of SAR units
    • Control of safety equipment (emergency circuit breakers, reset buttons, etc.)
    • Supply and replacement of transmissions
    • Testing of clapper valves, fire dampers, fire shutters
    • Regulating excess pressure of air lock zones and stairways
    • Supply and installation of balancing plates
    • Measuring and regulating regulation air flows
    • Smoke cartridge testing
    • Commissioning fire safety control panels,
      Control office


  • Aeraulic Balancing
    • Pump installation
    • Adjusting variable flow settings
    • Breakdown voltage points
    • Hydraulic balancing EC, EG, ECS
    • Ultrasonic measuring of flow rates


  • Testing and commissioning of secondary equipment
    • Fan-coil unit units
    • Variable air flow units
    • Humidifiers
    • Exchangers
    • Pressure maintenance units
    • Expansion vessels
    • Installation of fume hoods