MAPSEC | Who we are
mise au point des systèmes énergétiques et climatiques
MAPSEC,mise au point, chauffage, Equilog,
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Who we are?

MAPSEC (Mise Au Point des Systèmes Energétique et Climatique)

Present throughout France and Europe, our company undertakes all measuring and regulating operations for HVAC installations, with a team of specialised HVAC and energy management technicians.  We have been providing system control and adjustment services since 2004, and are able to provide solutions for your needs in optimisation, control audits and energy efficiency.


MAPSEC is the only company to commercialize the “Equilog” method of system balancing by standardizing return temperatures (patented in France and Europe), and for assessing energy savings (R-Equilog) before hydraulic balancing control.


This new method, now used for more than 90,000 equivalent housing units, enables optimal settings for operating heating systems during the heating season. Its installation qualifies for obtaining energy saving certificates.

Our teams are equipped with the latest technology measuring devices, calibrated on a yearly basis to guarantee reliable readings. All our technicians our approved to operate in high risk environments (chemical, electrical and nuclear sites).