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Our tools

Balometer DBM700

Brand : KIMO


The DBM 700 Flow meter, designed and manufactured by KIMO, is essential for HVAC professionals in charge of balancing air vent outlet flow rates. By means of its interchangeable vent hoods, the DBM 700 can be adapted to all types of air vents or air supply diffusers or extractors. Light and easy to handle, the DBM 700 provides quick, reliable and precise measurements.

Air flow cone

Brand : KIMO K35, K75, K120


Cone K35 : 10 à 400 m³/h – 200 x 200 x 300 mm.

Cone K75 : 30 à 750 m³/h – 300 x 300 x 470 mm.


They are used with hot wire anemometers, or Ø100mm vane anemometers from portable electronic apparatus, categories 100, 200 and 300.

Ultrasonic flow rate meters



  • Liquid flow rates (water, chemical and petroleum products, food processing products …)
  • All types of piping, even well used, with or without covering (steel, PVC, stainless steel, asbestos, cement, cast iron…) For concrete, use intrusive probes.
  • Network management
  • Process control
  • HVAC and hydraulic engineering
  • Inspection of installed flow rate meters
Measurement recorder

Brand : KIMO – temperature recorders, hygrometers


Up to three recordable settings.


  • 16,000 recording points
  • One line display or no display
  • 2 programmable alarm levels
  • Rapid downloading of data (1000 values per second)
  • Magnetic fixing
  • IP40 Unit
Balancing Kit



The TA-SCOPE is a robust and efficient balancing device for measuring and recording differential pressure, flow rates, temperature and power in hydraulic systems. Reliable, precise and easy to use, it enables an installation to be balanced and repaired quickly and economically. With the PC TA-Select communication software, the user can extract and exploit recorded data, produce professional reports and obtain automatic up-dates.

Air leakage tester




The PAN 341 (PANDA) airflow approval system for ducts with negative and positive pressure provides suppliers, installation engineers and research and development technicians with a range of control instruments. These measure air leaks in piping and other confined areas, while assessing pipe flow efficiency. The PANDA system provides a rapid, precise and automated solution, guaranteeing compliance with European norms EN12237, EN1507, EN13779, EUROVENT 2/2, and American norms such as SMACNA.



A unique instrument for controlling duct air leakage in positive and negative pressure.

Energy savings through the control and then elimination of leaks in ducts.
Complies with the following norms:

– EN 12237 Building ventilation – Duct networks, resistance and air tightness of circular sheet metal ducts

– EN 1507 Building ventilation – Rectangular sheet metal aeraulic ducts – Instructions for resistance and air tightness

– EN 13779 Ventilation in non-residential buildings – Performance specifications for ventilation and air conditioning systems

– EN 2/2 Leak flow rates in metal air supply ducts

– SMACNA Test manual for air leaks in ducts

Precision rate of ± 2.5% of volumetric flow.

Performance and control of fan speed for duct systems, allowing static pressure testing in a few minutes.

Dimensions adapted for transport by van or station wagon.

Delivered with the multi-function Airflow TA465-P instrument and the PVM610 micro-manometer.

Automatic real time calculation of leak rates.

Simultaneous display of leak flow rate and static pressure

Success or failure indicator

Automatic correction of actual volume rates of leaks in compliance with temperature and pressure norms

Real time monitoring of barometric pressure and temperature

Storage of data liable to be downloaded for report compilation or documentation

Compatible with portable printer model 8934

Multi-function portable unit

Brand : KIMO


Multi-setting portable unit: pressure, speed, flow rate, hygrometer, temperature, air quality, tachometer

Storage of 12,000 measurement readings

DATALOGGER operating software on option

Delivered with calibration certificate and aluminium case (several delivery kits available)



– Rotating Vane Ø 70 mm : from 0,3 to 35 m/s

– Rotating Vane Ø 100 mm : from 0,25 to 35 m/s

– Rotating Vane Ø 14 mm : from 0,8 to 25 m/s

– Hot wire from 0,15 to 30 m/s



– Pt100: from -50 to 250°C

– K type Thermocouple: from -200 to +1300°C

– J type Thermocouple: from -100 to +750°C

– T type Thermocouple: from -200 to +400°C



– from 0 to ±500 Pa

– from 0 to ± 2500 Pa

– from 0 to ±10000 Pa

– from 0 to ±500 mBar

– from 0 to ±2000 mBar

– Pitot tube speed: from 2 to 100 m/s



– from 3 to 98% RH

Air quality (CO/CO2)

– from 0 to 5000 ppm



– from 60 to 60 000 rpm (optical)

– from 30 to 20 000 rpm (contact)